Our Contextual Ad Solutions

Display ads

Our Display ad solutions offer a combination of high-impact and turn-key formats that align with your brand's goals.

In-Screen Expandable
In-Screen Expandable Cross-platform

This high-impact unit increases the brand’s message visibility through an expanded real estate opportunity. It is fixed at the bottom of the screen and expands as the user interacts with it.

In-Image Expandable
In-Image Expandable Cross-platform

This engaging ad creative format drives awareness as it animates at the bottom of an image, and expands to a highly visible experience as the user interacts with it.

In-Image Canvas
In-Image Canvas Cross-platform

This format captures user attention by transforming relevant images on the page into animated ad experiences. Once ended, the takeover collapses into a banner to allow users to re-engage with it.

In-Screen Frame
In-Screen Frame Mobile only

This high-impact animated format, frames mobile screens to then collapse into a banner that remains fixed at the bottom of the screen as users scroll through relevant content.

In-Screen Cross-platform

The In-Screen unit is consistent and memorable -- it remains in view at the bottom of the screen as users scroll through relevant content on the screen.

In-Image Cross-platform

Fully loaded ad solution that is placed within relevant images of the content on a page, where users are focusing most of their attention.

GumGum Display
GumGum Display Cross-platform

Leverage GumGum’s contextual intelligence technology while delivering your standard display ads to instantly maximize cost efficiency and significantly increase the reach of any campaign.

GumGum Standard
GumGum Standard Cross-platform

Leverage standard creative assets to run on GumGum’s custom In-Image and In-Screen placements that outperform standard IAB creative ads.


Incorporate GumGum's interactive functions to any of our core units when looking to achieve additional engagement.