A smile to change the world

GumGum donates a portion of every direct advertising dollar clients spend with us towards our partnership with the Ad Council. This allows us to create and distribute messages that inspire engagement and action around significant public issues.

30 Million media impressions donated so far, 3 causes supported
Impressions 90 million and counting
3 Causes supported
4 Causes Supported
>Media Valuation
Media Valuation $1.1 million and growing

Covid Response

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, GumGum partnered with the Ad Council to launch #AloneTogether campaign, a series of In-Screen and In-Video ads that promoted social distancing and other health initiatives aimed at stemming viral spread.

Since then, we have continued to help slow the spread and support various Ad Council COVID initiatives by partnering on multiple campaigns like #MaskUpAmerica, COPING-19 and COVID Vaccine Education.

  • #Alone Together
  • Mask up America
  • Coping 19
  • COVID Vaccine Education

We are truly inspired by how our partners across the media, marketing, advertising, technology, and entertainment industries have come together to get critical and urgent messaging out to the American public in response to the crisis. GumGum’s proactivity and agility in getting campaigns launched is remarkable and we are so glad to have their support.

Kathy Kayse, Chief Media Strategy and Partnerships Officer at the Ad Council

Love Has No Labels

In light of the burgeoning Black Lives Matter movement, GumGum chose to support the Ad Council’s Love Has No Labels campaign, which promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion of all people across race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, and ability. GumGum’s ads focused on encouraging viewers to learn about and act against racial injustice.

Love has no labels

Sound It Out Together

Sound It Out uses the power and soul of music to help parents and caregivers better support their middle schooler’s emotional wellness. The campaign delivers exclusive new music and interviews from some of today’s brightest stars and offers a comprehensive guide to helping kids open up about an array of emotions and situations as well as tools that help make this important process light and interesting.


GumGum also helped to support the Ad Council's Flu Vaccination efforts, which aims to remind all people that nobody has time for the flu. By getting a free or low-cost vaccination you can protect not only yourself, but your loved ones from Flu season.

Love has no labels

GumGum Smile Performance

  • click-through rate .37%
    .30% CTR
  • 82.80% viewability
    80.89% In-View Rate
  • 23.7s in view time
    21.47s In-View Time

The Homeboy challenge

GumGum partnered with Homeboy Industries (HBI) to provide financial sponsorship designed to support gang rehabilitation programs. Additionally, GumGum serves as a voice and advocate to spread the word about this important organization.

The Homeboy challenge

Helping clients make a difference

GumGum is proud to support our clients in their efforts to give back to their communities. Here is a sample of recent campaigns that we ran on behalf of our agency and brand clients.

  • OMP
  • Carat
  • Mindshare
  • Unilever
  • Hearts Science
  • Wavemaker

Charity begins at home

Our teams are passionate about doing good in their own communities. From coast to coast, and country to country, our employees organize events and programs in support of local organizations they believe in.

Santa Monica

We partnered with Heal The Bay to clean up the beach, promote community involvement and environmental awareness.

Heal the Bay

In partnership with Adopted a Family, we organized a food drive for families in need to help children grow in safer, less-stressful environments.

New York

In partnership with Pajama Party NYC, our volunteers signed up to read stories and donate books and pajamas to children from local schools, shelters, and afterschool programs.