More context. 

More revenue.

Harness the power of natural language processing and computer vision to unlock the revenue potential of your web, video and app content.

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Unlock new demand, effortlessly

Trusted by the 10 largest brands and every global agency holding company.

Deploy the unique formats advertisers love or serve standard units from our network of global agencies and Fortune 100 brands.


Our solutions are easy to integrate and provide quick, incremental revenue to boost your bottom line.

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Unlock new demand, effortlessly

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Gumgum In-Image

Pair photo content with brand messages.

Gumgum In-Article

Drive revenue directly within the body of your content using our in-article units.

Gumgum In-Screen

Transform your footer content by featuring dynamic ads that align with your content and boost user experience.

Gumgum Standard Display

Serve IAB standard display units that boost incremental programmatic revenue.

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Contextual intelligence you can count on

Drive even more revenue with Verity™, the most sophisticated contextual engine available.

Curate content packages, automate tagging, ensure brand safety and preserve inventory using Verity™, the only contextual intelligence application that understands the true nature of digital media.


Verity™ uses computer vision and natural language processing to deliver a nuanced reading of your site, allowing you to extract revenue from every page.

Verity™ understands your content and scores it accurately

Harness the power of the most sophisticated contextual intelligence solution available. Verity™ can identify and score more page-level elements than any other platform, including keywords, on-screen text, imagery and video.

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Integrate any way you choose

Integrate any way you choose

Connect directly to our unique, premium demand for custom and display inventory, through Amazon TAM/UAM, OpenRTB or Prebid S2S.

  • Unified Ad Marketplace
  • Transparent Ad Marketplace
  • OpenRTB
Header bidding

Available via PreBid or Index Exchange adapters.

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Ad server ready

Deliver all GumGum ad units through the most popular ad servers, including GAM.

Hard code

Copy and paste GumGum’s code directly onto your site for access to our demand.

Our team is your team

Easy to implement

Get clear, easy to use instructions directly from our solutions engineering team.

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We provide white-glove support around the clock. Our team works in six offices on three continents, so we’re always on.

Pick our brains

Our partnerships team will help you understand key trends, build new strategies and boost revenue.

The ROI of in-image and in-screen ads

Want to learn more about In-Image and In-Screen advertising? Conducted by Forrester Consulting, this study gives publishers a deeper understanding of the extraordinary ROI they can achieve through a GumGum partnership.