Create value with Verity™

Unlock the revenue potential of every page with Verity™, the only machine learning platform that understands your content as well as you do.

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True machine learning that understands text, images, and video

Verity™ identifies and predicts suitability and sentiment using the power of deep neural networks that GumGum has trained for more than 10 years.

Package the perfect placements with confidence

Verity™ allows publishers to customize their content for niche audiences using the IAB's most recent content taxonomy, major seasonal events and sentiments expressed.

Find the perfect placements with confidence
Keep your brand safe with pre-bid protection

Build advertiser confidence

Honor each brand’s unique safety concerns without redlining entire topics or sections.

Unlike rudimentary tools that exclude inventory based on a single keyword, Verity™’s sophisticated scoring method flags only inventory that truly violate guidelines.

Protect your audience's privacy and your partners' campaigns

Cookies are out, privacy is in. Verity™ relies on contextual data—not behavioral data extracted by cookies—to help find the right placements without running afoul of new and emerging privacy laws.

Respect privacy and future proof your campaigns

Harness the power of advanced contextual intelligence

Verity™ is the only contextual intelligence platform that ensures brand safety and campaign success. Our technology considers images, text, videos and metadata when scoring relevance and determining suitability.

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Text Analysis
focus and avoidance
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Keyword targeting and anti-targeting Check Check Check
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Content-Level understanding that combines images, text, and metadata Check

GumGum is the First Contextual Provider Accredited by the MRC

GumGum’s contextual intelligence solutions, Verity™ is the first contextual offering to be accredited for content-level technology by the Media Rating Council (MRC).

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GumGum is the First Contextual Provider Accredited by the MRC

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